Three Input Passive Preamp

This is a point to point hand wired preamp with 3 selectable
inputs for use with your dvd/cd player, tuner, mp3/ipod,
VCR, etc.... The design is totally passive and uses very high
quality components to ensure great performance free of the
added noise and distortion associated with powered preamps!

The quality components such as the P
EC KKA series
and high purity cotton wire make this preamp
almost totally transparent in your system! At this price this
preamp is an awesome bargain costing less than many cables!


  • Pec KKA series potentiometer
  • High purity solid copper wire w/cotton insulation
  • Aluminum Hammond case w/anti-resonance material
  • Vampire RCA jacks
  • Silver solder
  • Lorlin rotary switch

$210 plus shipping

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